Naturally Dyed. Artisanal. Sustainable.
Naturally Dyed. Artisanal. Sustainable.
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Care Instructions for Naturally Dyed Product


Many artisanal hours have been poured into the making of Juniper & Bliss. With a little bit of care you can make sure that your items retain their colour and texture and become even lovelier and softer as time goes on.

  • Use organic detergents, put a few drops of the anti-bacterial tea-tree essential oil with the detergent.
  • Set the machine to 30ºC and dry in a dryer or outside in the shade.
  • For ease of care we have pre-washed our bedding which require no ironing.
  • Simply wash and dry before using them again! They are gentle and soft to the touch from the very first day.
  • Please hand wash all our knits and light cotton scarves in warm water and rinse in water of the same temperature.
  • Avoid soaking and wringing out knits to prevent felting and distorting the shape.