Naturally Dyed. Artisanal. Sustainable.
Naturally Dyed. Artisanal. Sustainable.
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Botanical Inks

Botanical Inks Made Form Foraged and Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

"Le choix de mes couleurs est basé sur l'observation, sur le sentiment, sur l'experience de ma sensibilité." Henri Matisse 

"My choice of colours is based on observation, on feeling and on the experience of my sensibility." Henri Matisse 

Drawing inks are water-based media made from various plant and mineral colorants. Any drawing ink may vary in tone due to the purity and concentration of its ingredients. They can be composed of dyes and are of low viscosity allowing them to flow smoothly. Historic drawing inks are commonly brown, reddish brown, gray and black. Ink may be applied with a pen, a brush or narrow or broad quills to achieve either linear or tonal effects.