Naturally dyed, artisanal, organic living

Juniper & Bliss exclusive collection of artisanal, handwoven textiles for home and wardrobe is made purely from organic materials. Natural dyeing is an essential part of our story. Our cooperative of natural dyers use organic, sustainable plants and medicinal herbs and grasses from vetiver, sandalwood, basil, neem, cinnamon to aloe vera for dyeing and softening the fabric.

Organic cotton and silk, woven on a handloom and manually dyed from plants, are wonderfully pure but also charmingly errant. At Juniper & Bliss we don’t look for absolute consistency from the spinners’ wheel, the dyers’ pot or the weavers’ loom. We think that all our efforts are made perfect by many an imperfection!

Our design and quality tailoring combined with artisanal traditions create exquisite, low impact, lifelong products that are made to last.

The Juniper & Bliss collection is ethically produced, easy to use and 100% natural.