Juniper & Bliss

Handwoven Organic Cotton Shawls

Kani Shawl

100%  handloom organic cotton  shawls dyed with plants and herbs

Juniper & Bliss have been collaborating with weavers’ and dyers’ cooperatives in India to develop these hand woven organic cotton shawls, dyed in sustainably gathered plats, herbs, flowers, barks and leaves. The community of natural dyers, steeped in Ayurvedic traditions, use plants with healing properties and attribute “dosa” values to each colour. The idea of dosa or the three primary bio-elements, vata (air and ether), pitta (fire and water)  and Kapha (water and earth) is central to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic belief system which strives to find the perfect balance for health and wellbeing.

These handloom Kani Shawls are wonderfully light with a great drape. The process of natural dyeing means that the pieces have undergone several washes giving them a soft and stonewashed feel.  The shawls are finished off with simple knotted fringes and discreetly hand stamped at one corner with the Juniper & Bliss symbol of happiness, represented by the ancient chintamoni motif.

Suitable for men and women, these shawls have a relaxed and casual look and work well as a round the year staple.

The hand weaving and natural dyeing creates irregularities in texture and colours. These are essential to the nature of this product and should not be seen as defects. Individual weavers also weave differently form each other, so the same colour might come in slightly different feel and weight. For retailers, we recommend orders in sets of 10 mix batches of colour and weave, celebrating the artisanal nature of the pieces.

These pieces are made in a socially compliant cooperative in India.

Available colours: grey, soft pink, blue and soft green

Size: 70 x 200cm