Juniper & Bliss

Business Collaborations

Our drive to spread the word of sustainability and artisanal know how, to make environmentally conscious product has seen us collaborating with other businesses who share our values or those who want to explore and broaden their businesses to a more environmentally friendly model.  Working in partnership, we bring to life our clients’ design briefs by using our in-house expertise and ethical manufacturing.

One of our recent projects with the Horta Museum in Brussels saw us working in close collaboration with the museum’s archivist to create something special for the shop. The outcome was a superfine Himalayan woollen shawl with flowing embroidery, done by master embroiderers in Kolkata, India. The embroidery is inspired by an original “ arabesque” drawing by Victor Horta around 1895-96 for the painter and patron of the arts, Anna Boch (1848-36).

In keeping with the sensibility for honest craftsmanship and the feel of the maker’s hand, hallmarks of the Art Nouveau movement pioneered in Belgium by Horta, the embroidery is intentionally naive and evocative of folk traditions. Each piece comes in a specially made organic cotton voile pouch which has been hand stamped with the logo of the Horta Museum.