Juniper & Bliss

All Purpose Bags and Pouches

The All Purpose bags and pouches are made from 100% organic cotton mesh fabric. They are equally useful for grocery shopping or for a day at the beach. The pouches come in two sizes and have multiple uses from carrying fruit and vegetables to toiletries and small items in a suitcase.

These bags and pouches are strong and durable with a double line of stitching as well as a piping running through the inside seams. The handles of the bags are long enough to be worn comfortably on the shoulders and the pouches are tied with neat drawstrings.

They are machine washable and can be used year after year.

The All Purpose bags are part of our plastic free, zero-waste collection.

Bag size: 40cm X 35cm X 65cm

Pouch Large: 30cm X 35cm

Pouch Small: 20cm X 25cm